Our Farm is at the Red Star. It is about 80 miles south of Nashville, Tennessee and 65 miles northwest of Huntsville, Alabama.

For detailed directions, phone 931- 852 2168 or 2167.

If you want to see where we are in an online mapping program, click here or here. This will open a new browser to the Mapquest® or Mappoint® page, and will focus in on our address. You can zoom in and out from there to get a better idea where we are located. Be aware that the star on the Mapquest map is not entirely accurate (off by a half mile or so) in that both maps include a road that is on private property and the access route to our house is different from our mailbox, but it should be helpful with locating us. If you plan on visiting, you really should call first so we can give you clear directions, open the gate and to be sure we are home.

Ken and Pat Motes
Clear Creek Farms
33 South Clear Creek Road
Fall River, Tennessee 38468
Phone: (931) 852-2167
Fax: (931) 852-2168

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