Shelter Construcion

As some of you may know, we use ATVs (4 wheelers) on our farm. A couple of weeks ago, our first 4 wheeler died and required replacement. While I was in the dealership, I noticed that the new 4 wheeler came shipped in a metal frame.

I look at the 4 wheeler and the frame and saw in my mind a shelter. I talked with the dealer and he gave me five of the top parts of the shipping containers. It is 1½ in tubular steel. We placed the frame in one of our pens and began to build the shelter. The first time we put the shelter together, we placed the tarp directly over the frame, it rained and collected on the tarp. This would not work.

Metal Frame
Tying down the Panels

We decided to placed a 2x4 on end across the top of the frame and tied it into place, then we cut a cattle panel 88 inches long and 42 inches wide. We placed the panel over the frame and 2x4. We then tied the sides of the cattle panel to the sides of the frame, causing a bow of the panel. The reason for the bow is to allow rain not to collect on top of the shelter.


Cattle Panel
Duck Tape
We purchased a 4 wheeler cover from our local Coop. The first time we put the cover on, we noticed that the corners were causing a tear in the canvas, so I added a piece of garden hose over the corner and used the magic masking tape to secure it. We slide the four wheeler cover over the shelter, and we had a shelter.
ATV Cover Ad
Actual Cover
We now have five outside pens that we can use for birthing, bonding, or feeding with shelters so the goats in the pens have shelter from the weather.
Our 5 new shelters

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