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When I wrote the article on Marketing Ideas and Tips, I mentioned goat-related e-mail lists. Below are a few of the lists I subscribed to. In order to join these lists, simply send an e-mail to the list name with "-subscribe" following the name and "@yahoogroups.com" following the word "subscribe." For example to subscribe to the list "boergoats", address your message to:
Put nothing in the body of the message and nothing in the subject line.

Alabamameatgoats Algoatshowco-op allABGAregions
Boergoatassn BOERGOATeast boergoats
Boershowlist Classified_Livestock EastTNHomesteadFarmers
GoatandSheepRancher GoatMeatProduction GoatTalk
Im_Kidding Kentucky_GoatRanchers meatgoat_coop
NCGoats practical-goats Smallfarmsandranches
SmallRancher texasboergoats theboergoatauction
theboergoatbarn The_Boer_Goat TNgoats

Click on the links below to open your e-mail client to send a message in order to subscribe.

Alabamameatgoats– An open list of approximately 134 members. The purpose of the list is to assist Alabamians in selling and buying meat goats.

Algoatshowco-op– 6 supporters/interested individuals who want to promote Meat Goat Shows across the State of Alabama and surrounding area.

allABGAregions– A group of 48 formed for ALL anyone interested in discussing the activities of the ABGA. This group discusses goat husbandry, soliciting advice and opinions. This is an open-membership list, non moderated.

Boergoatassn - A list designed to help over 90 members keep about by-laws, fees, shows, meetings, and other information about the organization based on Boer goat association by-laws, show rules, board meetings and newsletters. This restricted list is open to anyone with questions or needing information about Boer breed standards and/or registrations. Advertising is permitted.

BOERGOATeast– 47 members on the east coast who are interested in Boer or other breeds of meat goats. This is an unmoderated list with restricted membership.

boergoats– This moderated list has just over 950 members. All aspects of the Boer goat industry are discussed. This is a very educational forum. Advertising is only allowed on Friday.

Boershowlist - A listing of all shows all over the United States-can be posted on this list. The list has 16 members.

Classified_Livestock– Over 1000 members advertise farm and livestock equipment, supplies and animals items.

EastTNHomesteadFarmers– An unmoderated, mostly regional list where 47 homesteaders and farmers get to know each other and discuss life the way it was always meant to be. This list allows you can advertise your livestock (cows, horses, goats, chickens, pigs, etc.) for sale or swap.

GoatandSheepRancher–An unmonderated group of 1200 members for small ruminant farming/ranching.

GoatMeatProduction– This moderated group of almost 460 individuals involved in the production of goat meat and interested in learning more about the meat goat industry. Emphasis is on commercial goat meat production. Advertising is permitted. There appears to be a lot of Boer-bashing on this list. There are a few members whose posts should be ignored, but there are a few members who offer outstanding advice and forward fascinating goat information about the business on a national level.

GoatTalk– 150 people who discuss raising goats as a business. Topics include, but are not limited to, sustainable agriculture, marketing (to include promoting the farm and herd), buying and selling, goat health, feeding programs, and goat reproduction (to include breeding and kidding).

Im_Kidding - This group of almost 215 individuals focus on goat breeding through the kidding process.

Kentucky_GoatRanchers– This group of 193 serious goat enthusiasts in Kentucky and surrounding states share information, advertise animals/equipment for sale or trade, make meeting announcements, or whatever relevant to promotion of our commercial and show. Note: New members must be approved by a moderator. An email in which you describe your area of interest in goats must be sent to Kentucky_GoatRanchers-owner@yahoogroups.com for approval. You will not be approved without this introductory email.”

meatgoat_coop– 180 goat producers from all over to gather and discuss the formation of the US Goat Producers Cooperative.

NCGoats– This 50-member list is unmoderated and is for all breeds of goats and goat owners of Noth Carolina. Advertising is permitted on Fridays.

practical-goats– Almost 1,100 members discuss the care of goats. An emphasis is placed on the practical aspects of goat keeping, as well as answering questions of new goat owners. Tightly moderated group with open membership. Advertising is not allowed, although you are permitted to include your web site and information about your farm in your signature.

Smallfarmsandranches– A small group of 40 individuals who discuss all aspects of small farms and ranches.

SmallRancher– An unmoderated group of 350 small-scale farmers, ranchers and homesteaders.

texasboergoats– 490 plus people who raise Boer Goats, talk about goats and anything that pertains to goats. While the name is Texas Boer Goats – membership is not restricted to Texans.

theboergoatauction– A mostly inactive group of 140 who buy,sell and talk to other boer goat owners.

theboergoatbarn - This e-group is a great place to meet others interested in farming and in particular showing the Boer goat. This unmoderated, open-membership list has approximately 235 members. Advertising is allowed.

The_Boer_Goat– An unmoderated group of almost 1600 dedicated to promoting Boer goats.

TNgoats - A list for approximately 180 goat owners in Tennessee (and surrounding states). News about shows, sales and goat happenings around the state. Friday is market day for anything goat of farm related.

TNvalleyfarmerswap– 105 members post farm equipment, livestock, hay, crops, herbs, stud services, real estate, employment needs, auctions, sales, and anything else farm related.

Note: All of this figures and guidelines are as of January, 2004. Please check with the actual list to find current information.

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