Cattle Panel Shelter

I use three 16 foot cattle panels, 48
(approximate) inches high. I purchased a 12 foot by 16 foot tarp from my local Coop or TSC. This is one tarp we pay a little more for to insure it lasts longer.

First I built a frame with rough-cut 2 by 4s. The frame is 12 feet long and approximately 10 feet wide. I adjust the width to get height in the middle. I used spikes to secure the frame to the ground. I then nailed (with staples) the cattle panel to one side of the frame. I then bowed the cattle panel to get the middle was approximately 5 feet tall. I then attached the other end to a board. I repeated the same process with a second panel, attaching both ends to the boards. Next I attached the two panels together using plastic cables ties. They are easy to use and hold everything in place.

With the first two panels tied together, I placed the third panel into place, and attached the ends to the boards and tied it to the other panels with cable ties.

I drove a T post on each side near the opening, at a point where the T post goes through the panel about 24 to 30 inches from the end of the panel. I attach the panels to the T Post with plastic cable ties. This keeps the goats from jumping on it and the panels giving way under the weight of the goats. I do this to each of the corners.

Finally I put the tarp over the panels and attached both ends and the sides to the panels with cable ties.

A good tarpaulin will last two years in Tennessee winters/summers. Total cost, to include tarpaulin, staples, cable ties, and lumber is less than $50. This shelter comfortably protects 10 to 12 adult does, with kids, from the elements.

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