I 'am' a Livestock Guardian Dog

This is somewhat of a believe it or not. We have had Great Pyrenees for the last four years and have not lost a goat to a predator yet (knock on wood). We have had coyotes and dog packs visit, but all have left without their meal. Our oldest Pyrenees has bred several times to the neighbor Pyrenees and have given us great pups. Well, this is about one of her pups from her last litter.

Once the pups are able to walk, Dixie has them in with the goats. Sometimes we think she leaves them with the goats so she can wander the hills but still has someone to watch over the goats. When you see our herd, you always see a dog/pup somewhere near, either in the middle of or walking around the herd or laying nearby.

The next to the last puppy from Dixie’s last litter had just left for his new home leaving only one female for sale. This pup may well be the best puppy we have ever raised. While I was watching the herd, Dixie and DeeDee (one of Dixie’s female pups from her first litter) were up at the barn with me. All of a sudden the puppy barked; and goats scattered, running away from where they had been eating. Then I watched as this cute pup eased over to the center of where the herd had been eating and pounced on something. I watched, not knowing if the pup was just playing with one of the barn cats or…

Well after a few minutes, she proudly brought her bounty to Dixie to show off. It was a 18 inch snake - a copperhead. It was the first copperhead I had seen all year. I did not notice at the time; but as all of this is going on, DeeDee returned to the herd.

Gala (the pup) dropped the almost dead copperhead, still squiggling, on the ground in front of Dixie and sat down with a look that said, “Look Mom, see what if found!” I ran; got a hoe; and separated the head from the rest of the body. I prefer a really dead snake.

Later, I was moving part of the goats to another pasture when I noticed the pup was limping. Upon further examination, I saw her left leg was swelled – a lot. I called the vet, and hauled her to Pulaski to the Animal Hospital. He kept her overnight then another day. When she returned to her duties she could proudly proclaim, “I’m a Livestock Guardian Dog!!!”

Of course, now we don’t know if we want to sell Gala or not.

I just wanted to let you know that Gala quickly bonded with her new herd of goats and that she seems very content in her new home. The goats have been out and about on the farm and she stays with them. I was pleased to see that our dogs accepted her easily and although she enjoys a bit of play with my dogs when I am with the goats she does not leave the herd when my dogs and I walk away from the goats. She shows every indication of being exactly the kind of goat dog that I had in mind. Thank you very much for letting us purchase her.

Laura Warner

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