Creep Feeding

From the time they are two weeks (or so) old we creep feed the babies. We have an area only little ones can get into, and we try (key word) to have food out for them all the time.

We cut PVC pipes in half - either 4 or 6 inch pipes with end covers also cut in half so the food doesn't fall out the end - and screw these "feed troughs" into the wall a little over bottom high. We put a board underneath so the kids can put their feet on to keep from straining too much and to keep the feet out of the troughs. This forces the kids to stand on their hind legs to eat and keeps the feed from getting nanny berries in it.


We have a picture of a similar arrangement on our web page where one of the bucks is eating out of a pvc trough - but this one is free-standing in the billy pen. Check out Hercules to see how he is working the muscles in his legs while exercising the muscles in his face. We also have a Lil Kreep'r that we fill with food after we separate the bucks from the does and wethers when we have a bunch of bucklings and they can't get into the barn creep feeder with the little doelings. That works great too except sometimes they somehow manage to deposit nanny berries in it that we have to clean out.

With the little ones we keep food out all the time - or as much as we can. With the "maidens" we feed one scoop (approximately 2 cups) per goat.

In addition to keeping grains in the troughs for the small kids, we also put hay in racks for them.

The Creep Feed "room" is also a place the kids can go to hide from their mothers - and to drive the mothers crazy because they can't get to the little rascals.

That may not work for anyone else, but it works for us <G>. (I definitely don't tell anyone how to raise their goats - just what works and what doesn't work for us. I fully understand that all farms are different, but we are all looking for ideas.)

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