The following genetics are found on the pedigrees of our animals. Our thanks to some really outstanding breeders.

10B2B RRD Long Range (Ennobled)
2DOX / AABG Understated Elegance (Ennobled)
2DOX Sheer Elegance (Ennobled)
2SIS 180M (Ennobled)
2SIS 324M (Ennobled)
AAW Limpopo's Lugar (Ennobled)
Back 2 Nature Polar Express (Ennobled)
BK1 Cassie (Doe of Excellence)
Bodacious Protea
Bulldog (Ennobled)
BYW Tatonka (Ennobled)
Capriole's Kal's Impact (Ennobled)
CHF 631B Bunker (USBGA Ennobled)
Codi Big Dog (Ennobled)
Codi Bulldog (Ennobled)
Codi Queen (Ennobled)
CONI Warrior (Ennobled)
DCW Bo Jangle (Ennobled)
DCW Lexus (Ennobled)
DER EGGS 91 (Ennobled)
DMS Kala (Ennobled)
DMS Leona (Ennobled Silver)
DMS Wobbles (Ennobled)
DOW K195 Pipeline (Ennobled)
Downen Big 85 (Ennobled)
Downen N9 Grandslam (Ennobled)
Dr. Pepper (World Champion, 2002 -04)
DSA Smarty Jones (Ennobled)
EGGSellent (Ennobled)
EGGSfile (Ennobled)
EGGS-Hilltop Pete-Tunia (Ennobled)
EGGS Knight (Ennobled)
EGGS Macey (Ennobled)
EGGS Maple (Ennobled)
EGGS S227 (Ennobled)
EGGSonerate (Ennobled)
EGGSorcist (Ennobled)
EGGSQuire P786 (Ennobled)
EGGSpecting (Ennobled)
EGGStrapotential (Ennobled)
EGGSpensive (Ennobled)
EGGSplicit (Ennobled)
EGGSquisite (Ennobled)
EGGStreme Polities (Ennobled)
EGGS-Ryals-Magnum (Ennobled)
EGGStreme (Ennobled)
FSC Blue Chip (Ennobled)
GAR Aduwa-Sasquatch (Ennobled)
Glender Genetics Volker (USBGA Ennobled)
Hart P72 "DCW's Freedom" (Ennobled)
Hilltop Harlquinn (Ennobled)
Hilltop Hurricane (Ennobled)
Hilltop Jerry (Ennobled)
HMR Sumo (Ennobled)
JKG S16 Ann (Ennobled)
JLF Amelo Precious Perfect (Ennobled)
JLF Francis 1407 (Ennobled)
JLF Rambo (Ennobled)
JFJ Jerico Farms Bette Davis Eyes (Ennobled)
JFJ Jerico Farms T-Rex (Ennobled)
Johann (Ennobled)
JRA1 Agnew's Bo-Howdy(Ennobled)
JRA1 Agnew's Collateral Damage (Ennobled)
Kaptein (Ennobled)
LCBG Bradkey Lotta Damage Control (Sir of Merit)
Lobola (Ennobled)
LRB Maryka (Ennobled)
LSBG African Amy (Ennobled)
LSBG N1401 (Ennobled)
Mojo Magic (Ennobled)
Nama Blitz (Ennobled)
NBBG Renoir (Ennobled)
NBBG Tsjaka (Ennobled)
NK L154 (Ennobled)
Oakridge Hudson (Ennobled)
Oscar (Ennobled)
P/H Bingo (Ennobled)
Powell/Holman Bingo’s Superman (Ennobled)
RAM H Tobias (Ennobled)
Robert 2341
RRD MS M27 (Ennobled)
RRD M151 (Ennobled)
RRD P663 (Ennobled)
RRD R865 (Ennobled)
RRD Ammo V704 (Ennobled)
RRD Cannon R898 (Ennobled)
RRD Bigun P449 (Ennobled)
RRD Gauge P529 (Ennobled)
RRD Gunsmoke P502 (Ennobled)
RRD Magnum's Beauty (Ennobled)
RRD Mr. Monroe P603 (Ennobled)
RRD Remfire (Ennobled)
RRD Remington (Ennobled)
RRD Ruger (Ennobled)
RRD V808 (Ennobled)
RRD Valentine Candy W995 (Ennobled)
RRD Winchester (Ennobled)
Ryals-Topbrass (Ennobled)
S G R Built Tuff (Ennobled)
S G R Built Tuff's Fashionista (Ennobled)
S G R Nitro's Heartbreaker (Ennobled)
S G R Superman's Nitro (Ennobled)
Shaka Zulu
Sharon's Two (Ennobled)
Sunny Acres Red Tail (Ennobled)
Swiegers 676
TH The Big Cat (Ennobled)
TND Leroy (Ennobled Gold)
Top Gun 2 (Ennobled)
TX Holdem V124 (Ennobled)
TX Holdem EGGS V636 (Ennobled)
Ubora (Ennobled)
Ward's Cat in the Hat X111 (Ennobled)
Ward's Sharp as a Tack (Ennobled)

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